The Table of the Minerals of Luserna

Publisher MAGMAX, 2022

The book is a tribute to the 118 different mineralogical species found in the Luserna stone, admirably photographed in such a way as to enhance its crystallizations.

The first part tells the story and the mineralogical research of the Luserna stone through the meeting between Bruno Marello, passionate mineralogist and Massimo Umberto Tomalino, creator of MAGMAX. In the second part, on the other hand, the 118 species are presented in cards complete with photographs, ordered according to an innovative classification based on the traditional Dana-Strunz system. A third and final part presents a statistical treatment that highlights the mineralogical and geochemical specificity of the mining site known as “Montoso-Luserna San Giovanni”.

In the appendix there is a chronological atlas relating to the Luserna stone.

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Plura eius genera

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