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The MAGMAX expands and also becomes a library-laboratory

Magmax expands and also becomes a library-laboratory

Meanwhile, a new temporary exhibition is being prepared and the one on Lavoisier is extended to 25 June

Magmax expands and gets a library-laboratory: nine months after its opening, the smallest mineral museum in Italy is preparing to host new activities.

The interest of Italian and foreign visitors for the collections, enclosed in a twenty square meter room of the Quartero Tower, has given new impetus to Massimo Umberto Tomalino, creator with his wife Francesca Busa of a gem that approaches mineralogy in a captivating way, capable of making you forget the difficult side of the subject.

“The success achieved so far by the Magmax– Tomalino explains –gives us reason to start new initiatives. We will soon have an apartment adjacent to the museum from mid-March, while we plan the library-laboratory that will be ready in the summer, and that will host the temporary exhibition dedicated to the minerals of the Luserna stone. The museum will remain what it is, concentrated in one room, and will continue to offer the Lavoisier exhibition until 25 June much appreciated by the public “.

About thirty square meters large, the space bordering the museum overlooks Corso Alfieri, in front of the Liceo Classico Alfieri, between some city exhibition centers (Lapidary, Paleontological, Risorgimento, Palazzo Mazzetti, etc.) and will be ready for work a few steps from the De Regibus and Comentina towers.

The library will make available to users books, atlases, manuals, handouts, scientific, educational and entertainment publications (including comics) useful for learning about the world of mineralogy. In the laboratory it will be possible to discover the so-called didactic cassettes, mini collections with samples of rocks and minerals not only to see but also to touch, while scientific instruments will allow experiments to deepen the characteristics of minerals (hardness, fluorescence, radioactivity, magnetism, etc.) .

“In the new space – points out Tomalino – we will also organize courses, conferences, direct observations and propose book presentations with the authors: all aimed to make the relationship between Magmax and fans of the sector more and more profitable. An idea that we will perfect in the future. autumn will fascinate visitors for the natural charm it will bring with it. But it is not time yet to reveal everything “.

Both the museum and the nearby space will continue to operate by reservation and with free admission.

In the photo: the Magmax shot by Roberto Appiani

Asti, 26th February 2022

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