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The curators of the Museum will accompany you on the guided tour. They will adapt your visit to your preferences, thanks to their long research in the field of mineralogy and mining culture, both scientific and collecting.

massimo umberto tomalino - curator magmax museum asti

Massimo Umberto Tomalino

His great passion for mineralogy began when he was 11.
After earning a degree in Chemistry from the University of Turin and a research doctorate from the Polytechnic of Turin, Massimo Umberto embarked on a career as an industrial chemist that led him to spend twenty years around the world. Despite temporary residences in Barcelona, ​​Paris and London, he teaches chemistry at the Turin Polytechnic, both at the Turin headquarters and at the Tashkent office in Uzbekistan.
The intense professional and academic life at an international level contributed to expanding the mineral collection to all branches of mineralogical-mining collecting.
Passionate popularizer and author of various books on mineralogy and chemistry, Massimo Umberto realizes the dream with Francesca of creating the M.A.G.M.A.X.

francesca busa - curator magmax museum asti

Francesca Busa

Wife of Massimo Umberto, she is a pharmacist and nutritionist but since childhood she has been passionate about natural sciences, archeology and caving. In particular, she develops her interest in mineralogy, even working for free for a year at the mineralogical section of the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Turin. The meeting with Massimo Umberto in mineralogical environments led her to share her passion for collecting with him and to carry out the M.A.G.M.A.X.



Laura Nosenzo, a journalist and writer from Asti, is involved in institutional communication after writing for various newspapers. She is the creator of the website against gender-based violence. As an author and coauthor, she has written eleven books, like Fossili e Territori. Scoperte straordinarie sulle colline astigiane (Araba Fenice, 2022). For her journalistic activities, she has collected national and regional awards, conceived cultural and environmental reviews, and produced surveys and publications on social issues.


Federico Cerrato

After graduating as an Industrial Expert, he worked in the Logistics sector at a number of industrial companies in Piedmont, an activity that led him to travel around Europe and China. Reaching retirement age, he met Massimo Umberto Tomalino, with whom a deep friendship was born, followed by a collaboration with the birth of M.A.G.M.A.X.


Barbara Degara

Originally from Trentino and then adopted by Asti, she got a diploma in Accounting. From an early age she cultivated a passion for the “rocks” The 1st specimen in the collection is a rose quartz from Brazil received as a gift at age 13. Over the years this was followed by many others that resulted in a small collection. The meeting with Massimo Umberto Tomalino and Francesca Busa initiated, together with her husband Federico Cerrato, a scientific-disciplinary collaboration proposed by M.A.G.M.A.X.


Bruno marello

He was born in Asti in 1948 and as young as 12 began working with his parents, and from 15 to 22 he learned the trade of antique furniture restoration and decoration. During that time he played football with good results but more importantly became the drummer of a pop group with excellent prospects, cultivating an interest in stamps and coins. At age 22, there was the turning point for of his private life with the marriage, and for his professional life with the decision to become a driver, mainly of trucks but also of buses and cars. For 37 years, he traversed the length and breadth of Italy and half of Europe nonstop, combining the fatigue of grueling travel with the exciting search for minerals in the places he crossed. Once he reached a well-deserved retirement, he has been focusing his travels and mineralogical missions in the Luserna stone quarries since 2007, sensationally finding and photographing the 118 species that are the subject of the book “The Luserna Mineral Table” written with Massimo Umberto Tomalino. Since the founding of MAGMAX (2021), Bruno has been a very active contributor to the MAGMAX Association and the attached “Adriana and Renato Pagano” library/laboratory.


Paolo Tomalino

Son of Massimo Umberto, after his classical studies and contacts with mineralogy “in the field”, accompanying his father on missions together with his sister Enrica, he graduated in Philosophy in Turin. His deep knowledge of history and his passion for cinema provide the solid foundations for building interdisciplinarity between the various themes proposed by the M.A.G.M.A.X project. In particular, Paolo deals with the visibility of the M.A.G.M.A.X through the management of the website and social platforms.

Art Director

Mathiew guiotto

Born in 1994 in Costigliole d’Asti. He received his diploma in Restoration and Cataloguing from the Benedetto Alfieri Institute of Art in Asti. Since then he has devoted himself to painting, watercolor and illustration. Guiotto is constantly searching for new and versatile materials that allow him to express himself in original and personal ways. His art ranges between genre landscape painting and historical-documentary painting, through a modern and personal reinterpretation. Moreover, Mathiew Guiotto is inspired by his travel memories, seeking to enhance nature and the charm of the decadent. For the past several years he has been collaborating with the store “Belle Arti di Stefano Soriani” in Asti, where he exhibits his works and makes commissioned works for a wide range of customers. Mathiew is an artist appreciated by both the public and critics because of his ability to create visually and narratively striking works. Between group and solo exhibitions, in 2020 he made his debut as an illustrator with “Recto-Verso: The Harmony of Opposites,” an independent graphic-literary project created together with writer Cornelia Longo and Matteo Parlagreco: the book consists of 12 short stories with different themes and styles with the common thread of opposites, to which 12 illustrated plates are juxtaposed. Since 2021, he has collaborated with M.A.G.M.A.X, creating the trompe l’oeil “La porta di Mat” that serves as an introductory panel to the museum and several posters including one dedicated to M.A.G.M.A.X, displayed in the historical display case of the Splendor cinema in Corso Alfieri 360 and the poster “From Earth to the Moon and back?”, created for the museum’s participation in the Asti Film Festival 2022, held in the Alfieri Theater for the 50th anniversary of the last moon landing (2022).

La porta di Mat kicked off the working and friendly relationship with M.A.G.M.A.X, and the artist was fascinated by Massimo Tomalino’s passion for historical artifacts, curiosities and all kinds of objects related to Earth sciences. This passion inspired the artist to recognize the same passion in himself. Still life, object reproduction, details and details have always fascinated Mathiew, but meeting Massimo and his enthusiasm opened new doors and pushed him to explore a world he barely knew. Tomalino’s passion for creativity, outreach and art made Guiotto embrace the same passion and make it a fundamental part of his artistic output.

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