Temporary exhibition

Mr. & Mrs. De Lavoisier

ATTENTION: the exhibition has been extended until 25 June.

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (1743-1794) is considered one of the excellent minds of science and the founder of modern chemistry also thanks to the indispensable contribution of his beloved wife Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze. The extraordinary scientific path of Lavoisier was born from the passion for mineralogy and, in particular, from the studies on gypsum crystals, culminating with the formulation of the law of conservation of mass and with the countless discoveries, starting from the chemical composition of air and water: scientific results achieved with his wife Marie-Anne, enthusiastic laboratory assistant but also translator, illustrator and librarian. After the death of Antoine-Laurent under the guillotine of Terror, she recovered and reassembled all her husband’s works, thus making possible the development of modern chemistry.

The contents on display in the temporary exhibition and further insights will be collected in the monograph “LAVOISIER” published by M.A.G.M.A.X.


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